Saturday, July 24, 2010

New start-up, Miss Eyelash, is off to a flying start with instant word-of-mouth

Not long ago, Emma Vosti decided to treat herself to getting eyelash extensions for a special occasion. She looked fabulous and was overwhelmed by the positive comments she received from friends and family. Fast forward just a few months and Emma now runs "Miss Eyelash" - a thriving business built almost entirely on word-of-mouth with the help of WOMOW's Happy Customers Program. Emma says; "WOMOW has been awesome for me. I've already got 90 clients - and almost all have come directly or indirectly through WOMOW".

Upon opening up about 3 months ago, Emma says she "tried some other online directories (some of which are quite expensive), and I also tried advertising in some local magazines and newspapers. But the fact is that over 90% of my customers come to me after reading the reviews on WOMOW."

But Miss Eyelash is not a hobby business as Emma says; "I'm very serious about what I do. This is what pays my mortgage, puts food on the table and sends my children to school. I love being able to make other people look and feel fabulous, but I've spent the time training and I'm now focused on building a great reputation and long-term relationships with my clients."

"I'm definitely getting lots of people finding me online as my WOMOW listing comes up quite high in Google searches. Word-of-mouth is really important for a business like this because a lot of people have had bad experiences where the lashes have been applied poorly, or just an average experience that really hasn't looked that great - so people are looking online for recommendations. It's quite a niche market but because I focus only on eyelash extensions, I do them a lot quicker, and the quality is very high. I also put in up to 70 lashes per eye whereas most salons do only 30-50."

"I'm loving this business as I'm meeting ace people all the time and helping them look fantastic. With WOMOW it's been very easy to build up a bank of positive reviews and I certainly feel like I'm getting great value from being part of the Happy Customers Program. I also love the fact that I can click a button and get more flyers sent to me. I've even met a like-minded business through WOMOW and I now operate from their premises on a regular basis, which is helping me service my growing client base."

"It's very rewarding seeing customers' feedback online and I'm looking forward to building long relationships with my clients."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010