Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word-of-mouth is driving my Cleaning Business

Sandy from Let Us Do It For U - Residential and Small Office Cleaning recently joined WOMOW's Happy Customers Program and says she's thrilled with how well it's working. She admits that she only joined after finding that some of her competitors were doing well on WOMOW but says she hasn't looked back since. In fact, her business has gone from doing 50 bookings a month to over 200 bookings a month! She says, "WOMOW is fantastic - I get so many calls from it and I don't advertise anywhere else."

"We've now got 6 good reviews and people love it because they get a really personal insight into what we're like to deal with. When they call us, they feel like they've done their research and they know us - which means they're ready to make a booking!"

"We also love getting the feedback - it keeps us in touch with customers and helps us understand what's important to them. We want to make sure that our service continues to be spot-on because keeping customers is even more important that getting them in the first place. Plus, we love hearing how we're helping to make our clients' lives easier."

"Our reviews on WOMOW also helped us win a sizeable contract which has made a big difference to our business. My problem is no longer 'how to get new customers', but has changed to 'how to find great staff'!"

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