Monday, May 2, 2011

Customer Satisfaction at a TWO YEAR High

April 2011 has been a great month for consumers with customer satisfaction reaching a 2-year high. Reviews website WOMOW (Word Of Mouth On the Web), reports that customer satisfaction has been climbing for the last 4 months straight. The graph below shows the trend in customer ratings by month over the last 2 years (May 2009-April 2011). Since a low in December, businesses have picked up their game and are doing a great job. And customers are noticing!

This data shows that customers are least happy around the months of November/December, which could be attributed to pre-Christmas pressure and it's impact on both service levels and customer anxiety. However January sees a slight increase when Christmas stress is removed and demands on service providers are reduced.

The period from February-April is when customer satisfaction is highest, with an increase also occurring around September. This is possibly influenced by school holidays and the associated reduced pressure during these times.

But despite Australian consumers having high expectations of the businesses they use, reviews on WOMOW are overwhelmingly positive with over 93% of reviews scoring a rating of 3 or more out of 5. More than ever, businesses that provide good service are being rewarded with positive feedback and the enormous rewards of word-of-mouth.

This result is both a big tick for businesses, and also a great sign for future performance. With more and more people using reviews to choose their service providers, businesses with great feedback report that customers reviews are a significant source of new enquiries - so the more positive reviews businesses have, the more customers they're likely to attract. is the number one site in Australia for customer reviews on businesses, with approximately 167,000 reviews posted by its 70,000 members - everyday consumers.